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    Account Activation And Account Setup

  • How do I get "Know My Shift" Scheduling program?

    There are several ways to do this. The home screen has a form at the top of the page that you can fill out. You can also view our Signup Page and begin the registration process by filling out the form.

  • What do I need to sign up for the software?

    You will only need your name, email, phone number and business name. You will be directed through a few minor email/text verification steps before you can create your username and password. This entire process should take about 5-7 minutes.

  • Is there a maximum number of employees that I am allowed to have for free?

    No. We advertise free and we mean 100% free. You can have as many employees as you'd like to add in our program.

  • Is there a limited amount of time that I can use this program for free? Is this a trial only?

    No. This is not a trial. You will be able to use this program for free for as long as you need.

  • Does your company offer any other services that I can use with this software?

    Yes. Know My Shift is powered by Hyperion LLC. To learn about the software and extended services that we offer visit

    Getting Started With Know My Shift Employee Scheduling Software

  • Can I change my username/password from the initial one I chose?

    Yes, absolutely. When you are in the program click on your name/account icon in the upper right-hand side of the top menu. You will see options to change your personal account information and permissions.

  • What do I need to set up in order to start scheduling?

    In order to start making employee work schedules you will need to input at least one employee and one business location.

  • How do I add a location?

    Go to your Home Screen (click on the logo in the upper-left hand corner of top main menu). You will see 4 options: Schedules, Employees, Locations and Site Administration. Click on Locations and on the next page click on the button that says "New Location". Fill out all of the information required for that location and when completed press "New Location" at the bottom of the form.

  • How do I add an employee?

    Follow the same steps for the location instructions to reach the home screen. Press "Employees" and on the following page click "Add New Employee". Fill in all required info and click "Add New Employee" at the top of the form to confirm.

  • How do I start my first schedule?

    Click on "Schedules" from the home menu. You will be taken to a page with your current schedule listed. There is a submenu below the top menu with several options listed (Home, Tools, Scheduler, Notifications, FAQ). Click on scheduler and on the following page under the "Scheduler" tab click "launch". From there you can select which location to schedule for and begin arranging your employee's work week.

  • How do I add/edit my districts?

    Click on "Locations" from the home menu. On the next page you will see three buttons at the top of the page. Click on the one that says "Districts" That will bring up a page that will allow you to add/edit/remove districts.

    Basic Scheduling Practices and Management

  • How do I add a shift for an employee?

    Once you've added your employees, locations and launched the scheduler for a specific location you will be taken to a screen that lays out the work week for all of your staff at that location. In order to begin scheduling, select a day and click on the box that correlates to the employee you want to schedule. A pop up will come up that enables you to input the time and an optional special note that can be sent to the employee about that shift. Ex: "You will need to bring a change of clothes on this day" etc. Once filled out, you just hit "set".

  • How do I create a house shift?

    On the same page that you create the schedule there is a button on the left side of the screen that says "Create House Shift". You click on that button to input the date/time for the shift and it will appear in blue above the day of the week that you need the shift covered. You have the option to send a SMS alert to all of your employees when these shifts are created.

  • How does an employee request a house shift?

    The employee would simply click on the blue house shift button and they would be added to a list of employees that requested that shift.

  • How do I save a template?

    Once you have finished a schedule, on the bottom right hand side of the page there is a button that says "Save as Template". Click that button, name your template and press "Create". You will now see this template as an option under "Load a Template" on the left side of the work week schedule page.

  • How do employees request time off and how do I approve requests for vactions and shifts?

    On the home menu find the button "Schedules". Follow that link and on the next page go to the menu item that says "Tools". Under that menu there is an option that says "Time Off Form" Click that button and the next page is where you enter the date and reason for your vacation/time off request. In order to approve requests, management would click on "Notifications" instead of "Tools" and approve or deny requests on the following page.

  • How do I set Holidays for my business?

    From the home screen click Schedules. From there click on the menu item "Scheduler". The following page will have several options that you can click on. Select "Manage Holidays" and pick which federal holidays that you wish you be closed/open for.

  • How do I set an employee's availability?

    From the home screen click Schedules. From there click on the menu item "Scheduler". Find your present schedule or any future one (past schedules will not work). Click on the employee name that you wish to edit directly on the schedule. A box with settings will pop up and you will see options for availability adjustments, vacation requests and store editing for that employee. There you can make the desired changes/set up of availability.

    Advanced Scheduling and Settings

  • Can I have different branches for my corporate office?

    Yes. Follow this path: Home > Schedules > Scheduler > Manage Branches. From there you will have the ability to create/remove/edit job titles and branches of your corporate location.

  • Can I turn on/off SMS for different actions?

    Yes, absolutely. Use the same path as above except instead of clicking "Manage Branches" click "SMS/Push Settings". This will take you to a page that allows you to globally turn off SMS messaging or to selectively turn it off for specific events.

  • How do I grant different levels of employee access?

    On the home menu (get to home by selecting uppermost left logo) select "Site Administration". There are four options on the following page. Click on "Manage Employee Access" and on the following screen search/select your employee and opt to change permissions.

  • Can I edit the access levels and what permissions they grant?

    Currently, no, you cannot. However, by August 2017 that will be an option for you. We will update the entire system (including your personal account) and this section of the site when that becomes available.

  • If I decide to use Hyperion POS software after I've already set up my Know My Shift account will I lose all my data?

    No, all accounts created in KMS can be integrated and converted instantly and at no extra cost.