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Mobile Scheduling App
For iPhone & Android

Convenient and 100% Free.

Tested and designed for optimum user experience and ease.

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Always Stay in Communication With Know My Shift Mobile Scheduling Software App

With the KMS app you will be able to send your employees a mobile alert when the schedule changes. Your employees are over 99% more likely to see a text message over an email. Put the schedule in their hands and download our app today.

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Employee Scheduling Apps for iPhone & Android Cellphones

Your job isn't confined to your desk. We don't think your scheduling software should be either. Employee scheduling apps for iPhone and Android help you and your employees view, adjust and maintain the schedule while out of the office and on the go. Our app allows employees to manage their schedules and stay in touch for all edits, requests and posts.

All adjustments are done in real time and all employees are alerted in real time. If something unexpected occurs, you have the ability to communicate and get shifts filled at the tip of your fingers.

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Mobile Work Scheduling Made Easy For Employees and Bosses

Only having a login on a computer to access your employee schedule is about as bad as only having a paper version in your work office. With our software product you and your employees will never worry again about having to come in to get the updated schedule. Our app is designed to work with our software and make the schedule accessable from your own pocket. You can keep updated on your staff and your company shifts without having to be at your desk. With nearly a hundred convenient and effective features aimed at productivity and time-saving, Know My Shift is the best way to schedule employees on-the-go.

Take Your First Step Towards Maximizing Your Productivity and Efficiency

Get out of the back office and into the front of your business where you always intended to be. Don't struggle with trivial tasks and get stuck at your desk when your customers need you elsewhere. Know My Shift makes your office work easier and makes employee scheduling, communication and planning both efficient and mobile.

Accept or Deny Time-off Requests

Immediately be notified when an employee makes a request. When action is taken the employee is alerted.

24/7 Access To Schedule

Employees can carry the schedule around in their pocket through their mobile phone.

Manage Drop and Swap Requests

Approve/Deny dropped or traded shift requests from the mobile scheduling app. Schedule employees on-the-go.

Employees Request Shift Trades

Staff can request to drop or trade shifts with other employees. Management is notified upon every request.

Find Replacements For Shifts

Quickly and efficiently fill shifts, notify available staff via text message, mobile phone, etc. - mobile staff scheduling.

Browse & Communicate With Coworkers

Employees can find coworkers through the app or dashboard and request trades or changes.

Edit and/or Add shifts. Easily Publish/Unpublish schedule

Perfect your schedule while you're on-the-go. Schedule Shifts, Fill Hours, Notify Staff and Simplify Everything.

Place Vacation & Time-Off Requests

Employees can make time-off requests from their mobile phone or dashboard and managers are notified via text message.

Begin Scheduling For Free Today!

Our product is %100 free with no hidden fees or contracts. Unlimited employees, unlimited use and fully functional. That's our guarantee.

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