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Online Employee Scheduling Software

KMS Employee Scheduling Software is your solution to faster and more effective scheduling. With it's many features, our software offers you a way to manage and take control of your work week. Employees are able to manage, request, pick up and trade shifts at your approval. Why do everything yourself when you and your team can work together to create a cohesive and properly functioning work environment. Continue reading to view all of the amazing abilities and features that Know My Shift can provide your business and staff.

100% Free and Effective.

Save up to 4-5 days per month!

Take Control of Your Time with Know My Shift Free Scheduling Software

Allow KMS Employee Scheduling Software to free up your valuable time and keep you out of the back office. Our product is accurate, reliable, easy and efficient. Save up to an entire day per week that would have normally been wasted on scheduling, filling shifts, calling employees, finding employee rosters/schedules and filling vaction requests/shift trades.

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Explore The Various Features That KMS Free Schedule Maker Offers

Scheduling Features For Employers


Spend More Time With Your Customers and Less Time Scheduling

With Know My Shift Software creating and planning your employee schedule takes only a few minutes. If you take advantage of our schedule template maker it could even take just a few seconds. Our software is easily navigatable and our FAQ Section can help with the process of making the schedule, adding employees, locations and positions.

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Increased Efficiency And Less Data Entry

Add your employees with ease. Our system will automatically email and invite your staff to join with the credentials that you have set for them. No need for extra steps.

24/7 Mobile Access To Schedules

Your employees will always have access to their schedules anytime of the day from anywhere with their mobile phones. You will always be able to reach them and any last minute changes will be alerted to your staff via text message and/or through our mobile scheduling app.

Online Schedule Maker

Know My Shift schedule creator is web-based and accessed online. You won't have to download, install and go through the ordeal of adding programs to all of your devices. You simply just get online and login to your program. Hassle free and great for sparing device memory.

Create Schedule Templates

Creating a Template allows you to work much faster by providing a beginning point and allowing you to instantly recreate what would normally be tedious and time consuming. Especially if you have multiple locations.

Load Schedule Templates And Save Time

If you have a regular work crew who typically maintain the same shifts week-to-week, then a full schedule could take you less than 5 seconds to create. Loading templates that you have saved allows you to pull up a week in the past that worked for your business and use it for the week you're currently scheduling. This is a really big time-saver for holiday weeks and shifts.


Scheduling Your Work Week Has Never Been Easier With Our Staff Scheduling Software

Multiple location, Branch & District compatible

KMS Online Free Scheduler is very adaptable and easy to integrate with your business. You can easily customize, add, edit and remove your business locations and corporate branches. Soon you will even be able to customize by district.

Adapt Your Schedule View

You can view your current schedule and easily switch by week or month to future or past schedule without losing work. Or you can view a different location by selecting it from the schedule menu. You can sort by location, district, corportate/non-corporate and branches withing corp.

Specific Notes and Offsite Employees

Have something important that you need your employee to know before they come to work? No Problem. Simply write them a note on the schedule for that day and they will immediately be alerted. This is great for offsite employees, meeting notices, last minute changes, reminders and much more.

Find Fill-ins and Replacements Quickly

Instead of having to grab the employee roster and individually call your employees you can simply send out a mass text to all of your staff for an immediate shift fill. They will be alerted instantly via text message.


Easily Manage Employee Time-Off, Input Employee Availability and Track HR Related Information

With Know My Shift's innovative and unique set of teamwork and communication features, you and your employees can rest assured that everyone is up-to-date on their schedule, availability and requests. You won't have anymore lost vacation requests or miscommunications about shift trades. Our product is aimed to make business and scheduling routines run smoothly and effectively with as little effort as possible.

Know My Shift Free Online Schedule Maker - Adjust Availability Interface

Employee Leave and Vacation Management

Requesting a vacation is a simple task for employees and management. Employees can place their request through the program or on their phones through the app. Once they submit it, management will instantly be notified of this request and can approve it from their own phone if they choose. The schedule with then be updated to show this change instantly.

Track Overtime And Budgeted Hours

Don't worry about having anymore miscalculations or mistakes when it comes to employee overtime. Know My Shift Scheduler notifies you immediately when you schedule an employee past their budgeted hours and when they are in overtime for their work week. This can help you adjust your schedule accordingly and make more informed decisions.

Current Staff Availability & Editing

Know My Shift allows employers to easily adjust and edit employee availability. With the simple click of their name on the schedule week you can pull up settings menu that allows to you quickly change and check availability, make adjustments and place vacation/time off requests for employee, and even view/edit stores at which the employee is authorized to work.

Scheduling Features For Employees

Tablet with 'Know My Shift' schedule request approval interface loaded on screen


Trade Shifts, Drop Shifts and Request Approval

Why do all the work yourself? Allow your qualified and trusted employees, managers and leads to make approvals for shift changes and trades. You can set an employee's permissions and functions within the program independently of others. This allows you to be able you even distribute schedule work. With this system you can be sure that requests don't go unnoticed and shifts will never be left unfilled.

Drop and Switch Shifts

Employees are able to view their schedule anytime anywhere. When they see their scheduled days they have the option to click on any one of those days to request changes. They have the option to request a shift switch with another employee from a drop down or they can request to drop the shift. If approved, it will appear as an available shift for other employees.

Apply Settings To Employee Shift Trading

If you don't want to handle all of the trade and drop requests you can authorize select employees to handle those tasks for you. If you choose to not allow certain individuals from trading or switching you can set this as a note in the system and you can also disallow text alerts for available shifts to those employees.


Know My Shift's House Shift Feature Allows Employees To Schedule Themselves

With this feature your employees will feel empowered and more accountable for their schedules. House Shifts enables your staff the option to select available shifts that they would like to pick up based on their own agendas and schedule.

Smiling employees interacting with their respective devices standing in line

Selecting A House Shift

When viewing their schedule, Staff members will see available house shifts at the top of the individual week days. They can click on the shift and a manager or select employee can approve the pick up. Your Staff will also get a sms notice immediately when house shifts and other open shifts become available.

Manage Your House Shifts Easily

Creating house shifts is very easy and takes less than a minute. Managing requests for house shifts is also made very convenient and easy for you to respond. Every time a shift is requested you will recieve a notice and you can respond at your leisure from any device. All notifications are kept under the same screen and organized according to type so that you can simply go down the list instead of having to sort change pages.

Communication Features For Everyone


Fill Shifts In Minutes Or Less

Woman holding phone with Hyperion's Know My Shift scheduling app loaded on screen

Quickly Fill Dropped Shifts and Call Outs

Find a staff member to cover a shift at the last minute very fast. Simply click on the shift you need filled and opt to send an SMS to your staff immediately. You can selectivly not include certain staff members by disabling their sms for that type of notification temporarily or permanently. Everyone that you select will receive a mobile SMS text message alert about the available shift that needs to be covered and you can simply approve the covered shift.

Cross Store Employees and Shift Covers

When you select a shift that needs covered you can send a message alerting your staff that it needs to be filled. Each staff member has a set of stores that they can be set as eligible to work at. When there is an opening, an employee that works for another store can fill a gap wherever they are authorized.

Find Replacements On-the-go

You don't have to be at your desk on the phone with your employee roster in hand in order to fill a shift. Now you can simply press a few buttons on your phone and watch for any notices to come in. If you do happen to have to make a phone call you have your entire employee list with appliable filters right on your mobile scheduling app.


Effective, Fast, And Reliable Staff Communication and Correspondence

Staff communication can be very time-consuming and challenging. Especially when you're busy at work with no time to individually call/text your employees to find someone to cover a shift or fill in as a replacement. On top of that, phone numbers on the employee roster never seem to be completely accurate and are consistently changing. With Know My Shift's group texting service you won't have this issue ever again. You simply create the available shift and post it. Every available employee will receive an alert that notifies them of the open shift. Phone number will almost always be accurate because employees will typically want to benefit from the SMS schedule notifications and the shift trade/drop/pickup features that the system offers.

Group Staff Texting

Send text message alerts to all of your employees at once. With only click inside the scheduling program you can have instant correspondence and communication with your staff right to their mobile phones. All messages are immediate and you will never have to worry about time delays or waiting periods.

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Management and Employer Communication

Have something that you need to let another manager know pertaining to certain days that they work? Simply go to that day on the schedule and write your note. They will be alerted as soon as it is set. This is great for relaying information between shifts or for reminding other managers that they have a specific duty or meeting to accomplish on the day you selected.

Group Email Account Alerts

For our account based actions, such as joining and set-up, our software automatically emails and alerts employees to complete their accounts so you don't have to worry about anything once you add them to the system. Account changes and other actions will alert employees via group or individual email as well.

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