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Do you know your shift? Well we do. With Hyperion's employee scheduling software "Know My Shift" you can take over the business world and still manage to save time for planning your staff's work week. Our software eliminates the hassle of lost work, request offs, shift trades, and most of the tedious aspects that normally comes with scheduling. By allowing employees to post, request, trade and pick up shifts within the employee community dashboard you basically only have to press approve and you're done. It's that easy.

100% Free and Easy To Use. Save up to 8 hours per week!

No gimmicks or employee user limits. Just free.

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Know My Shift Scheduling Software Has Features For Every Business

Besides super powers, lightning speed and and a ton of extra time what else do I get from the software, you ask?

Well let me tell you! Know My Shift has many great scheduling benefits that you can't get from other companies and their software. Our product is fully functional and community based. All scheduling can be done in real time and posted at your leisure. Your employees will feel empowered by tools they have to help maintain their schedules and adjustment needs. You will recieve prompt sms or email alerts to when there is an issue with a shift or time slot that needs to be quickly resolved. You can even customize Holiday Schedules and requests early in advance. To read more about these and Know My Shift's many other features click the button below.

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Know My Shift Scheduling Program Interface Displayed On Desktop And Mobile Screens

Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Faster Staff Scheduling

Crew Empowerment and Accountability

With Know My Shift your employees will be able to take responsibility over their own requests, posts, shift trades and shift pick ups. With our instant alert, notification system, and easily accessible dashboard you will see a dramatic improvement in your employee accountability and presence. Our software also empowers employees and allows them to feel a sense of control and freedom over their own schedules.

Speed and Reliability

Know My Shift is well tested, highly rated and has been on the market for years. With our product you can potentially schedule a work week in as little as 10 minutes. With custom features such as intelligent time control that tracks every minute of your open hours, alert notifications, employee initiative, and flexible editing/creation/duplication methods you essentially eliminate 90% of the work normally required for your weekly schedules.

On The Go Mobile Access

Our software is accessible from anywhere you have internet. Our program is designed for easy use and flexibility over any device. You will be able to handle any shift trades, request offs, call outs or any immediate change to the schedule without having to rush back to the office to find the line-up and employee roster. Every edit is done in real time and you can even send instant notifications to your employees to alert them of any changes.

More Time for Business Growth

You won't waste anymore valuable time resolving schedule issues and dealing with spread sheets or typed out/handwritten schedules. In turn, you will be able to focus on your customers and the growth of your business which are things that tend to be neglected if all your time is spend putting out fires. Our software easily saves our clients an average of 4 full work days per month that they can dedicate to more important aspects of their business.

Overly Simplified And Easy To Use Shift Editing, Planning and Arrangement

Scheduling your employee work week with Know My Shift software can't be any easier. All screens within the program are laid out cleanly and simplisticly yet remain stylish and easy to navigate. Menus are easy to find and prompts, color keys and other in-system features allow you to easily jump right in.

The scheduling interface is incredibly time saving and smartly coded to keep you from having to repeat very many keystrokes. If you insert a time for an employee and press set, the next box you click will have that same time preset. This is very useful for employees who work regular hours or for businesses that have set times for shifts.

Know My Shift's schedule template maker is a very handy tool that allows you to save a schedule that works for your employees and business. With a click of a button you can load it for any other future weeks that you choose. If you don't have any edits or request off for that week then you're already done and it only took one click.

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We Have The Perfect Employee Scheduling Software For Your Industry

We created Know My Shift to meet the employee scheduling needs of a wide range of industries world-wide. Schedule your staff or crew with ease for salons, retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, nonprofits, Customer Service and Customer Care Departments, Patient or Healthcare Facilities, and almost any other type of workplace or environment you can think of. We are of the biggest service to employers with hourly associates because we assist with faster scheduling, ease of communication, and facilitation with daily collaborative efforts and routines.

Health & Medical Industries

Nursing Facilities / Retirement / Caretaking Houses / Hospital Staffing

Customer Service & Hospitality Industries

Hotels & Lodging / Rental Services / Customer Service Depts / Customer Care

Food & Beverage Vendors

Bars / Coffee Shops / Restaurants / Cafes / Fast Food Industries / Catering

IT & Technology Development

IT Departments / Technical Services / Computer Repair Shops / Manufacturing

Transportation Services

Airlines / Taxi Services / City Transportation Offices / Boating Companies

Educations & Learning Facilities

Primary Schools / Colleges / Tutoring Shops / Textbook & Book Shops / After School Care

Retail Industries

Clothing Stores / Shoe Shops / Tech Device retailers / Housewares / Department Stores

Health & Beauty Services

Tanning Salons / Hair & Nail Salons / Massage Parlors / Cosmetics / Gyms

Various Professional Services

Car Repair / Household Services / Veterinary Clinics / Delivery / Emergency Fields


Know My Shift Mobile App is fully dynamic and created for ease of use on any device. With this software you can schedule on the go from anywhere at anytime. Click below to learn more about our easy to use mobile features that were designed for busy employers.

Mobile App Features
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